J.J. Hunt

Advancing Accessibility
J.J.’s audio description has been presented at international conferences, aided in staff training at leading cultural institutions, and is regularly discussed by experts in the accessibility community.

Smithsonian Institution - 2016 / 2017
Washington, DC 
Accessibility Program Staff Training 
Ashley Grady,
Program Specialist
Program Specialist
CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2017
San Diego, CA
“The Nuts & Bolts of Captioning & Describing Online Video”
Presented by Owen Edwards,
Senior Accessibility Consultant
Level Access (formerly SSBBART Group)Specialist,

California School for the Blind - 2017
Fremont, CA
Staff Training and Student Kindness Drive
Adrian Amandi,
We Are Museums Conference 2017
Riga, Latvia
“Out Loud”
Presented by Desi Gonzalez
Manager of Digital Engagement,
The Andy Warhol Museum
Google Span 2017
Pittsburg, PA
Presented by Desi Gonzalez
Manager of Digital Engagement,
The Andy Warhol Museum
Museums and the Web Conference 2017
Cleveland, OH
"Completing the Picture: How a Graphical Interface for Understanding Modern Art is Meeting the Touch of Non-Sighted Visitors"
Presented by Thomas Ryun (Belle & Wissell Co.), Sina Bahram (Prime Access Consulting), Peter Samis (SFMoMA), Scott Thiessen (Belle & Wissell Co.)
MCN (Museum Computer Network) 2017
Pittsburg, PA
"Touching the Art: Multimodal Exploration of Paintings, Photographs, and Physical Objects"
Presented by Sina Bahram (Prime Access Consulting), Scott Gillam (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Danielle Lizner (The Andy Warhol Museum)

Cooper Hewitt Lab 2018
New York, NY 
Verbal Descriptions with Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab 
"The Inclusive Museum"
Presented by Sina Bahram
President, Prime Access Consulting
Typographics 2018
New York, NY
"Design Beyond Vision"
Presented by Ellen Lupton
Curator of Contemporary Design, Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
CNIB Curiosity Club - March 2019
Toronto, Canada
"Describing Cirque du Soleil"
Hands-on workshop
Presented by J.J. Hunt